Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fuzzylegobricks swipes Jasper

Fuzzylegobricks swipes Jasper for use on his weebly site.  Fuzzylegobricks reviews a set  which serves as proof he can not take proper photos himself (and how can a review be a WIP?)
-- his profile on Eurobricks

Fuzzylegobricks (aka) MrBananfrenzy (aka) luigilover555 (aka) Finn Mann

A kid who swipes other peoples' MOCs, then files a false claim about his actions, changes his name and continues on scamming people on LEGO communities.  Shame.




Fuzzylegobricks swipes Mad physicist

Fuzzylegobricks (as luigilover555) swiped Mad physicist for a weebly site, then complained to Flickr mods about his actions being posted.

pedroturco swipes dozens of MOCs

diegobee44 swipes Mandy Dee for minifig house challenge

tre2399 swipes Johannes Rojola

bap66 swipes Stephen Edmonds

scorpio0999 swipes Jerrec

purpledolphin123 swipes Sean Kenney

purpledolphin123 swipes legoadam

ironshadow007 swipes Barman76

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What we do ...

Our watchdog group members are active in various online social & image sites and when we come across an image of a LEGO MOC (My Own Creation) which we believe has been swiped and used without permission or credit, we call attention to it. We take screencaps of the situation -- to document where & who swiped the image, then we go about finding the True Owner!

Once the Owner can be positively identified, we notify them of the place of copyright infringement , as well as assist in the proper channels to get their creation removed from the swipers web page.

In the past 2 years we have helped over 1,000 swiped images be recovered to their true ownership!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Watchdog Group for LEGO creation image theft!

We still have all the screenshot images of the swiped MOCs, so we can re-add them here.

Flickr group:

MOCpages group:

Additional sites: (coming soon)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lindavz posts others' MOCs without attribution

image source:


Owner of the MOC is "I Scream Clone"


Sunday, May 2, 2010


Ninja_swiper_paula1805_feb10, originally uploaded by LegoMyMamma.

rick2408 swipes Eturior

MC, originally uploaded by LegoMyMamma.

hdunnisthe1 swipes oskay

MC, originally uploaded by LegoMyMamma.

Sweet2th swipes SirNadroj

MC, originally uploaded by LegoMyMamma.

Legomyeggo3737 swipes NewRight

MC, originally uploaded by LegoMyMamma.

bigchill74 swipes bluemoose

MC, originally uploaded by LegoMyMamma.

Tac3012 swipes ~Tac~

Tac3012 swipes ~Tac~, originally uploaded by LegoMyMamma.

Frenchtoast12 swipes Quarryman - Jens Ådne Rydland

4th time swiped this week, originally uploaded by LegoMyMamma.

franco1097 swipes sugegasa

franco1097 swipes sugegasa, originally uploaded by LegoMyMamma.

combofala swipes MadPhysicist

theifmenap swipes Andrew Colunga

Wasn't this on Eurobricks?

Wasn't this on Eurobricks?, originally uploaded by LegoMyMamma.

sooner18 swipes JD Luse

sooner18 swipes JD Luse, originally uploaded by LegoMyMamma.

boulderex_123 swipes Slayerdread

ttft.1 swipes DARKspawn

ttft.1 swipes DARKspawn, originally uploaded by LegoMyMamma.